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The Mainprize Documentary profiles family physician Dr. William Graham Mainprize and the prairie environmental challenges from 1911 –1976?. This uniquely Saskatchewan made documentary is 100% donor driven. Our objective is to preserve a little known part of Midale and surrounding area’s history during the first half of the 20th century. The Mainprize Documentary Project volunteer Executive continues to accept donations throughout the year from individuals and corporations.

The dedicated producers of this project are seeking your financial support to raise $292,905 to complete a theatre quality documentary. One of our goals is to show the film worldwide on demand services like Netflix and Crave. A second component of the project is to raise an additional $100,000 to fund an annual Dr. William Graham Mainprize bursary. See the Bursary section for more information (link to section).

A theatre quality production like this takes time and funds to produce and even longer when the project is made up of dedicated volunteers.

Did you know all original Mainprize Park 8mm home movies loaned to the MDP must be sent to Los Angeles, California to be converted to 4K, the current quality production standard process not offered in Canada. It will cost approximately $7,500 and three weeks of work to convert our library of 16mm and 8mm movies. The history on many of these home movies is irreplaceable and needs to be preserved.

All funds raised go directly to the production of the documentary!

Help us preserve a valuable piece of Saskatchewan’s history and the legacy of Dr. Mainprize.

Those seeking background information on the documentary’s origin going back to 2011 may go back to the home page or contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

How to donate

We do not have charitable status, so we are unable to issue a tax receipt, but if you donate through the RM of CYMRI they will issue a tax receipt.

  • Call the RM office at 306-458-2244 or email for more information.

  • You can send a cheque, made out to: RM of Cymri No. 36. Box 238. Midale, SK S0C 1S0 on behalf of the Mainprize Project.


Allocation of Money Raised

This is a budget break down of the Mainprize Documentary. We are presenting this to all potential donors in order for them to see exactly where their money is going.

We have arranged the budget items in order of importance and colour coded into groups to show how they work in tandem with each other.

The film was designed, right from the start, to be feature length, with 3D re-enactments,original music, professional crew, and post production services. Our goal is to make the film in such a way so that we can sell it around the world. That means we shot everything in a certain way with this in mind. In our meetings with international distribution companies, they gave us their list of requirements and we have met them.

All net proceeds from the sale of this film will be put towards a Medical bursary that will be in Doc’s name.

Mainprize Final Fund Raise Budget

Edit System
Computer/storage/ and backup
Film transfer
Transfer of home movies to 4K video
Video shoots
Interviews/Drone (out of province)
  • We will be able to shoot drone footage
  • We will be able to transfer home movies to 4K.
  • We will be able to gather the final amount of interviews.
  • This means shooting in Saskatchewan, BC, Alberta, and Ontario.
Post production
Post colour correct/ mastering
Sound& Music mix
Studio Mixing
Original music + Brad Johner song
Editor/Editor Consult
  • The Post Production phase is crucial but if it comes down to it we can do it ourselves. There is a reason you hire professionals for these areas. If any of these parts are done poorly then it really stands out when you watch a film.
3D re-enactments
For 3D animation
For 3D animation
Post Pro Audio
For 3D animation
  • The 3D re-enactments.
  • The emotional core, the heart of the documentary.
  • It will deal with all the important and intimate moments in Doc’s life as well as his core group of people.
  • These scenes will help illustrate the parts of the interviews that deal with the heroic and tragic events that take place in a way that still pictures will not convey.
Entering the film into festivals
Promoting the film on social media
  • Getting the film entered into as many festivals as we can afford.
  • Promoting it as much as we can afford.
  • This may help us get distribution deals.
Pictures and Film
Source pictures/film Sask Archives
CBC footage
Licence clips "The Greening of Ian Elliot
  • Stills and video from the Sask Archives
  • Acquiring footage from the CBC film “The Greening of Ian Elliot”
  • This film was partially shot in the old Mainprize Park. It has some good footage shot in high quality.


If we exceed our fundraising goals the remaining amount would be allocated towards the bursary program.

One of the financial goals of the Mainprize Documentary Project Executive is to raise $100,000 to endow the Doctor William Graham Mainprize Bursary. Three individual annual bursaries will be awarded in perpetuity to three Saskatchewan residents accepted to one of the 65+ medical or health-related programs at the University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina and Saskatchewan Polytechnic. The award will be administered by each of the three Saskatchewan post-secondary institutions.

The award will honour Doctor Mainprize by fostering his learning, work and ingenuity in Saskatchewan’s future medical professionals.

The Doctor William Graham Mainprize Bursary To be awarded to a Saskatchewan resident on the basis of financial need who is entering the (post-secondary name) as a full-time student. The student must be enrolled in a medical professions program. If there is more than one suitable applicant, preference will be given to the student with a higher entering average.

Our fundraising goal breaks down as follows by post-secondary institution to award a $1,000 bursary in perpetuity.

  • $50,000 for Saskatchewan Polytechnic

  • $25,000 for the University of Regina

  • $25,000 for the University of Saskatchewan

Contact us if you have any questions about the Bursary.

Contributions to date

We have raised approximately $165,000 so far. Those contributions have been used over the past 9 years to get us most of the production gear needed to shoot the documentary. They have also allowed us to shoot over 30 interviews, to date, with people all over the province.

Donors (to date)

  • Dave and Tami Piper

  • Ken Lee

  • Ashley Hilkewich

  • Leanne Persicke

  • Ione Langlois

  • Kenton de Jong

  • Allan Kreuger

  • Jeanne Hardy Leech

  • Natasha Meyers

  • Mary-Lou Rosengren

  • Kelly Hilkewich

  • Diane Swenson

  • Helene Gordon

  • Dana Lesuik

  • Warren Pylypchuk

  • Sandra Holman

  • RM of CYMRI

  • Huntoon Hobo Ladies

  • Murray & Leila Kerr

  • George & Mona Connelly

  • Town of Midale

  • Sun Country Health Region

  • Dale Hardy

  • Grace Pylypchuk

Donor Testimonials

Dave and Tami Piper

Dr. Mainprize has been a legend in Midale and area for many years. We are still amazed by the countless stories and the thousands of people impacted by 'Doc'. With a new generation here now, Doc's story needs to be retold, including both the original park and the new Mainprize Park. A donation to these projects in memory of Dr. Mainprize was our way of helping to keep his legacy alive.

Ione Langlois

I donated to the Mainprize project because I feel it is so important to remember the man who gave his all to the community and the area around Midale. Here was a man from a large city who decided to dedicate his practice to a “rural” group of people. He unselfishly was on call at any time of day and travelled to his patients in all types of weather to give them the best medical care he could provide. He not only doctored people. He also became a vibrant part of the Midale community. He was an icon to our hometown.

Huntoon Hobo Ladies

The Huntoon Hobo Ladies thought that the Mainprize project was such a worthwhile endeavour. Dr Mainprize had serviced such a large area and everyone in the community had experiences with him at one time or other. We all really had enjoyed our years at the old Mainprize Park as well. This was just a project that had touched us all and a logical place to give the remainder of our money when we disbanded. Our group too had helped people, like giving meat trays if someone in the community passed or threw showers for local girls. Had Christmas parties and gave small gifts to young children in the community. We raised our money by serving lunch at Auction sales or raffles. Just a goodwill group. Thanks Jack for all you are doing to commemorate a great man, Dr. Mainprize.

Kenton DeJong

I believe in preserving Saskatchewan's history at all costs. Too much of our early days have been lost to time and tragedy. The Mainprize Project is an incredible project that will keep history alive and help preserve Doc's life as a constant part of our province's history. Doc touched thousands of lives and it would be a loss to our history to have his story forgotten.

Jeanne Hardy Leech

When I first heard about this documentary, I was heartened to learn there are still film industry professionals around in this province pursuing creative and interesting projects such as this one. Like everyone who grew up in Midale, Saskatchewan, I certainly knew who Dr. Mainprize was and the role he played in our community and beyond. I am proud to encourage and support such a worthwhile project.

Sandra Holman

Dr. Mainprize was my Mom's Doctor when I was born here in the Midale Hospital and he served our family for many years not only as a Doctor but also as a caring friend to our family. I donated because I was thrilled that Jack was heading up the mammoth task of honoring this great man - Dr. Mainprize.

Allan Kruger

It’s important to document our history and to do it properly involves telling of stories and experiences from those who’ve lived it. The story of Dr. Mainprize is more than about the man himself, or the park named in his honour, rather the story of the farming communities he proudly served. The good times, the hard times and the perseverance to do what needs to be done. It’s a small-town Saskatchewan spirit that continues through today. I am proud to support the documentary efforts in bringing our stories to life.

Leanne Persicke

We are once again celebrating our health care heroes as we navigate through this unprecedented pandemic. However, Mainprize is the opportunity to recognize the long-standing tradition of health care professionals going above and beyond for the people they serve. Documenting Saskatchewan stories is vital for our future. We need to understand that people like Dr. Mainprize made our province the place it is today and inspired this generation of doctors. Knowing our past will help ensure a progressive and bright Saskatchewan.

Ken Lee

I knew Doc as a very kind and personable man. He was a respected doctor with an excellent bedside manner. He was also an inventor, an architect and an engineer in addition to being a doctor at heart. I think these memories should be preserved.

Diane Swenson

The reason that I donated is because I am encouraged that the younger generation would care enough to carry on with the memories that Dr. Mainprize and his wife Helen has contributed to this community. They were so compassionate to serving all of us. With the support of his wife Dr. Mainprize did everything that he could to reach his patients from door to door. In those days it was Not easy. In the most desperate of times he made a way to reach his patients so he came up with the idea to get to them whether it be mud in the spring or snow in the winter months and that he did. He Cared that Much! The Mudmobile and the Bomediear was his idea but made possible by people in the community that helped make it happen. Lots of TEAM work! These items are in the Museum in Midale for you to witness today thanks to people that have kept these memories alive. Thank you Jack for your efforts in keeping this alive!

Comments and Support

Joyce MacDonald

Thanks for doing this. Doc was a big part of so many lives!

Marj Clauson

Maybe we could do a fund raiser? This documentary is so important to so many of us. I really hope that you are able to finish it. There is so much history here and I fear that in a few years we may lose so many of the pictures and stories that have shaped our community. Your work is going to become such a treasure to so many in the community. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your effort. Have a Happy New Year!

Shirley Erickson

Thanks for doing this...Doc Mainprize was very special to us as a family. Made many house calls and delivered most of 3 generations of family. I am proud of you for taking on this project.

Lori Carr

Having so many fond memories of Mainprize Park growing up, this project will truly capture the history that should not be forgotten.

Jeff Newton

Mainprize Park had a sense of community and freedom, much like a Hippie commune I suppose. It meant families, memories being made and forgetting the work week so close to home by golfing, fishing, swimming, watching the baseball tournaments, making new friends and just enjoying the life around us.

Hanni Selinger

I am really looking forward to this documentary as there seem to be no pictures of the original Mainprize Park. I had asked at our local Soo Line Historical Museum. The staff member Chelsea sent me a couple of newspaper reports from the 1960s but has found no pictures of the original park in the archives.