The Documentary

The Documentary

1913: In a small town in the middle of the Canadian prairies, the youngest person ever to graduate from the University of Toronto’s Medical program experiences a tragedy during a medical emergency that shakes him to the core and puts a community’s future legacy in jeopardy. In a place where the smallest actions and quietest voices can make the biggest difference, one man unites them all to create a better tomorrow.

The documentary follows the life of Dr. William Graham Mainprize as he becomes the heart and soul of several communities in South East Saskatchewan. With assistance from committed townspeople, the Doc carries out near miracles on a weekly basis. When an emergency on an isolated farm arises, the whole community rallies together to ensure Doc’s safe and speedy passage. Wild and unpredictable weather, coupled with the rugged and unforgiving landscape, force the doctor and his partners to be resourceful in order to attend to his patients. Some say that the Doc and mechanically minded residents may have designed the first snowmobile ever made. They also created a “Mud mobile”, a monster car, long before anyone else, all in the name of serving the sick.

The Origin

July 1, 2011 marked the 50th anniversary of Mainprize Park. Jack Hilkewich decided to take a camera to the anniversary celebrations happening at the new Mainprize Park. His goal was to capture the festivities, put them on a DVD and offer them for sale, at cost, and to commemorate the memory of Doc and the park. Barry Rud of Firecube Video Services loaned him the video equipment. Due to the flooding that was happening in the area, most of the anniversary celebrations were either postponed or greatly reduced. With the help of Glenn Claybo, Jack shot a lot of video and conducted interviews with some of the locals, having them recall their memories of the original Doc’s Park. During these interviews, Jack realized much of the younger generation did not know the meaning behind the name “Mainprize” Park. This prompted Jack’s decision to make this a bigger project and turn it into a feature length documentary.


The Mainprize Documentary profiles family physician Dr. William Graham Mainprize and the prairie environmental challenges from 1911 - 1976. This uniquely Saskatchewan made documentary is 100% donor driven. Our objective is to preserve a little known part of Midale and surrounding area’s history during the first half of the 20th century. The Mainprize Documentary Project volunteer Executive continues to accept donations throughout the year from individuals and corporations.

December 7, 2020

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August 1, 2020

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We were honored that the Newton family invited us out to film Jeff's Memorial at Hoodoo Creek in Alberta. This was where Jeff lost his life doing what he loved. This is a small...

July 7, 2020

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Hi everyone. We shot an interview with Ken Turner yesterday and also shot some video and drone footage at the Halbrite Badlands. It was very sad to see what has happened out th...